Robin’s Nest Apartments in Seattle, WA

61 Luxury Apartments with sweeping views, terraces, and the finest finishes scheduled to open in fall of 2018. Amenities will include a rooftop terrace and community area, state of the art fitness center, open light filled floorplans, high quality finishes and appliances, and parking for traditional and electric vehicles.

Construction Timeline

Task NameDurationStartFinish
Site Mobilization2 daysTue 04/04/17Wed 04/05/17
SCL installation/wire removal20 daysThur 04/06/17Wed 05/03/17
Demo/Evacuation/Shoring30 daysThur 05/04/17Wed 06/14/17
Concrete80 daysThur 06/15/17Wed 10/04/17
Wood Frame56 daysWed 10/11/17Wed 12/27/17
Roof10 daysThur 12/28/17Wed 01/10/18
Rough in Pluming28 daysFri 12/08/17Tue 01/16/18
Rough in Mechanical22 daysThur 12/28/17Fri 01/26/18
Rough in Electrical27 daysFri 01/12/18Mon 02/19/18
Rough in Fire26 daysFri 02/02/18Fri 03/09/18
Sliding Exterior 75 daysThur 01/11/18Wed 04/25/18
Drywall39 daysFri 04/06/18Wed 05/30/18
Gypcrete20 daysMon 05/07/18Fri 06/01/18
Paint32 daysTue 04/24/18Wed 06/06/18
LVT Install24 daysWed 05/30/18Mon 07/02/18
Millwork28 daysMon 06/04/18Wed 07/11/18
Mill Package Painting28 daysWed 06/13/18Fri 07/20/18
Cabinets/Tops31 daysFri 06/22/18Fri 08/03/18
Finishes/Trim33 daysFri 07/06/17Tue 08/21/18
Punch26 daysTue 07/24/18Tue 08/28/18
Turn Over21 daysMon 07/30/18Tue 08/28/18

Construction info & Contact

GranCorp, LLC

SACO Construction

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